Hi-Tech Air Power is a prominent Distributor/dealer in the southern part of India, representing CPCT for their Industrial Air products and CPIT for Industrial Tools for a decade now. The company, led by a group of mechanical engineers with good knowledge and experience in the air compressor industry, handles a business close to 200 MINR for CP products. Their total Turnover exceeds 400 MINR with other products like GE (Water & Process Technologies), Flowserve (Specialty Pumps). They are the recipients of the Best Distributor award from Chicago Pneumatic and the Best Distributor award from General Electric too.

Hi-Tech's setup:
Hi-Tech Air Power has three main centers at Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad with a workforce of 120 people. The company caters to clients in a large range of verticals that include petrochemicals, construction, IT, pharmaceuticals, sugar industries, hospitals, textiles and automobiles and many more. The Service or Aftermarket division is an integral part of Hi-Tech's business and is divided into four territories managed by a Team Leaders and Service Managers. Branch meetings are held every Saturday, attended by a Director. The Director takes feedback and gives advice to the managers. This helps in ironing out glitches, if they occur, faster. Employees spend 4 hours a month on skill-building training. Technical training is held every Saturday for the technical staff. Each service engineer gets a chance to make a presentation at these trainings.

Ensuring quality of service:
We have hotlines at every center. The moment a customer calls, the request is registered and sent to the Service Head. If the customer calls for the third time with the same complaint, the call goes directly to Mr. Sreenivasulu, Managing Director, Hi-Tech Air Power. Such is the stringent policy for handling customer needs. We firmly believe and adhere to the adage, 'Customer is King'.